A united and strong, continuously growing team of professionals that is open to innovation is one of Constat’s top priorities. Specialists from different fields of law striving to achieve the best results and working towards personal development are invited to join this team.

“Each member of Constat enshrines the company’s values, as well as offers and implements sustainable, innovative and progress-oriented legal solutions. We appreciate the efforts and contribution to creating the well-being of the professional law partnership, therefore we always try to promote creativity, ensure excellent working conditions and a positive atmosphere,” said Donatas Petrauskas, Managing Partner and Lawyer.

Why choose a job at Constat:

  • Opportunity to specialise in various areas of legal practice;
  • Compensation for training and qualification improvement courses;
  • Competitive transparent remuneration system;
  • Motivating working environment: A friendly team, always ready to reach out, communicate, share experiences and insights;
  • A modern office, all necessary IT tools, a lounge area, including kitchenette, where you will always find fresh fruit and snacks;
  • • Fun celebration events with the team.

Join us!