Family law

Areas of expertise:

  • Preparation of divorce documents (by mutual consent of both spouses, at the request of one spouse, due to the fault of one or both spouses);
  • Division of property acquired during marriage, division of property of unmarried persons;
  • Disputes over children, their maintenance (alimony), as well as the award of child maintenance arrears;
  • Determining the procedure for communication with children and the place of residence of children;
  • Preparation of marriage (prenuptial, postnuptial) contracts;
  • Challenging and determination of paternity;
  • Restriction of paternity (maternity) rights;
  • Preparation of court permits to sell/mortgage family property;
  • Advice on adoption, foster care, guardianship and other family law matters;
  • Family mediation, preparation of court procedural documents, representation in court and in various state institutions;
  • Advice on child abduction (with an international element) or the use of violence against them.